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New Technologies

Virtech is a pioneer in development of the blockchain based programs. During the past 4 years it participated in a number of cryptocurrency projects, including Pelecoin and CrypStock.

  Virtech Group is a group of Israeli based software companies specializing on sofisticated visualization solutions for financial and enterprise data applications. Virtech offers turnkey development projects and proprietary infrastructure platform for trading, financial, banking, insurance, utility and other markets.

Virtech Investments LLC (Ukraine) is an Ukrainian brokerage company, providing its services on the base of Vtrade and other sofisticated program tools, developped by Virtech.

Wiztrade is a rich set of componets and services tailored for financial and online banking sites (Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Bank of Israel etc).

Projects and Services

FindOptions provides set of tools for building, analyzing, comparing and executing option based investnent solutions. This is an original trading platform, providing trade solutions for all american index and equity options (more than 8000 underlying assets).

See live demo: Findoptions Basic

Feed2Charts a Web project based on Wiztrade platform, allowing easy customization and embedment of finance visualization in blogs, web pages and desktops through linking and gadgets / widgets.

Price-comparison multilingual web system, providing competitive price for more than 1,000 shops and 500,000 items.



Bank of Israel
Custom development, based on Virtech Wiztrade platform.

Bank Hapoalim (Israel)
Simulator MAOF (a propriatory web-trading systems for option traders), and a number of rich interactive applications for the bank portal.

Bank Leumi (Israel)
Set of rich interactive modules for bank web portal (inc. web based trading system - Leumi Trade).

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange
Custom development, based on Virtech Wiztrade platform.

Globes, FMR, Talniri
Wiztrade based components for interactive visualization of financial data.

Kontera (USA)
Engine for one of the best American in-text contextual advertising and information services.

StePac - Xsense (Israel, USA)
Quality monitoring during transit and storage. Combining cellular and GPS technologies.

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